Have you ever felt like you didn’t make the cut as if you were uninvited, not accepted, or flawed somehow?


Ephesian 1:11 has become one of my life verses. It says, “…He chose us in advance and He makes everything work out according to His plan.” Our flaws aren’t a surprise to God. Joyce Meyer said it this way, “God knew that we would strike out before He let us play the game”(God’s Not Mad at You). I love this thought. God never has expected us to be perfect and even better, He knew how many times we would strike out and He still chose us!

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always make us feel like we’ve been picked. People cut us from their team. Some of the hardest moments of my life have been when I’ve been misunderstood and not accepted or seen for who I really am.

I am so glad we have a God that sees our heart even when others don’t.

We are all flawed but instead of being cut from the team, God gently pushes us back up to the plate saying, “Try again – I picked you. I believe in you!” God loves it when we let Him shine through our weakness.

The thing is you may never be understood by others because you are called to do things so beyond man’s understanding. God’s ways are not man’s ways. Roman 12:2 tells us to not conform to this world – but BE DIFFERENT!

I want to be all Christ has called me to be whether or not I am accepted by others. I guess it is actually a guarantee that when we follow Christ fully there will always be people that don’t understand us and down right reject us. But one thing I know for sure, I am always welcome on God’s team and SO ARE YOU! He is the greatest coach. There are no flaws he can’t work out of you. Don’t be afraid to step on His playing field and even strike out a time or two. We have security in his unfailing, unfathomable, and unconditional love for us. It never runs out!

Be Blessed – BE A LIGHT!



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