Real Peace

Peace. How do I get it? How do I keep it?

If you only knew my life… If you only knew what I was going through….If only….Why…..

Isaiah 26:3-4 says You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord is everlasting strength.

Ever thought that peace has to do with God’s strength?

Can you remember when you were a child and you were scared to do something or go somewhere like first day at school? Your mom or dad tried to encourage you to go for it. When you just couldn’t, one of them went with you. Instant relief. Peace. They are bigger and you knew they would protect you, you know make it all ok. They care and love you.  It was their strength in which you trust. They could handle it.

Your Father in heaven is always here. Right with you. In each and every situation. He is the one who keeps us in perfect peace. We don’t do it. He does. Our job is to focus and keep our mind on Him. Have you had your dose of Him today? You know, the medicine for your soul that sinks deep, stays with you, slow release kind to keep you stable all day long? Where’s your focus? Is your mind and heart on His goodness, protection, ability, capability?

Trust Him a little more today. He is trustworthy. Let His strength bring His peace to you.


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