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Shine Healing Ministries – Helping you find your rhythm & fuel your passion.

In the rush and weariness of life we can get overwhelmed, burdened, out of balance and unclear about the road ahead. These are all signals from our soul that something needs to change. Now more than ever we need simple, rest-filled and slowed-down spaces where we can pause to catch our breath, heal, reconnect with what is truest about us, and experience restorative rhythms that transform our lives.  

We are a Christian retreat center providing inviting, rest-filled spaces where women can experience God’s transforming love, discover restorative rhythms, and reconnect with their unique design and purpose.

At some point in all our lives we find ourselves in a place where we know there must be more. We long to find what is most authentic and real about us! Our hearts crave it, but in a world of stress, pain, distraction, and hurry, we can easily lose sight of what is most true about us. At Shine Healing Ministries we believe there is a God-authored story within every heart that answers this cry for more. Slowing down and simplifying the noise that surrounds our lives creates space to find our way back home to our true story. We need rest-filled spaces where we can discover rhythms that enable us to live life more fully, reconnect with what is true, and experience the balance our minds, hearts, and bodies long to find. However, in our fast-paced, productivity-driven culture it is becoming even more difficult to find such a space. At Shine Healing Ministries we want to make it easier for women to experience God’s heart, reconnect with their truest story, and discover rhythms that restore their soul. So in the comfort of a supportive community, we provide opportunities for women to pause, slow down, be loved, be renewed, and reconnect with what is truest about them.

Why come? Because…

In rest we heal and find the courage to live our truest story! 

So join us and experience one of our restorative and transforming retreats or online courses. We look forward to meeting you and coming alongside you on your healing journey. 

The Journey


At Shine, we believe that we are healed through experiences with God’s REST and LOVE while surrounded by the simplicity of nature and an atmosphere of radical hospitality. God’s love is more lavish that we can comprehend and the result of learning to receive his rest, healing, and love is that we become this same extravagant love to the world. It is the natural overflow of all that we have received. 

Resting in God's Presence

Healed by His Heart

Loving as He Loves

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Christian Non-Profit

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Love & Hospitality Driven

Rest & Creativity Inspired

Growth & Restorative Minded

We are a donation-based ministry so that we may welcome all who are in need of retreat and restoration no matter the financial situation. Our programs are shaped by Christian contemplative practices and led by God’s design for a balance in our lives between rest and service to others. We believe that experiencing and receiving God’s Love is what truly transforms us. We are driven by the belief that hospitality and community are healing. We believe in the creator within us all and inspiring others to share their unique creativity with the world. We believe slowed-down, simple practices surrounded by nature create a place for inner growth and that restoration happens when we pause in God’s presence, cease from our work and let God do what only he can in our lives. 

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because of you we exist!

Redi Rock Structures

We are grateful beyond measure to the owners of Redi Rock Structures. Their belief in us and financial support make our ability to love women with radical hospitality possible! Their giving allows us to remain a donation-based ministry and open our doors to all no matter the financial situation! 

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We couldn’t do it without you! 

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