What We Offer

At Shine Healing Ministries and Selah Ranch, we believe in cultivating safe spaces and healing places surrounded by a community of belonging. We want to create opportunities for growth through experiential learning activities that are grounded in biblical truths. Our intent is to inspire you to pause, be restored and embrace all of who you are. We believe that Rhythms (regular repeated patterns) and Principles (foundational truths) lead to wholeness in our bodies, minds and hearts.

Our Rhythms & Principles:

Rest: Learning to rest and be restored in God’s presence through the principle of Simplicity. Intentionally pausing to hear God’s heart and connect deeper through solitude, stillness, and silence.

Heal: Experiencing healing by renewing the mind through the principle of Practice. Practicing new ways of being and perceiving that line up with God’s truths revealed in Rest.

Love: Learning to love and be loved through the principle of Receptivity. Opening our hearts first to receive God’s love unlocks our ability to love as he loves and fulfilling our truest purpose.

Retreat Experiences

The Creative Rest Retreat

A full-day to unplug, reset your heart and cultivate a deeper connection with God, your own inner world and the creative passions within. We will practice rhythms of rest that feed and nourish the soul while at the same time inspire and awaken your unique creativity.

The Purposeful Pause (Our Signature Retreat)

A weekend of self-discovery inspired by the greatest love song of all, King Solomon’s Song of Songs, and the Enneagram, a powerful tool for discovering the intricacies of your personality type.

These experiences will be offered at various times from spring through fall (check our events page for more details). We also would be glad to custom design a retreat or half-day workshop experience specifically for ministry leaders, their teams or specific women’s groups. Not only do we want to support women on their healing journey but we also want to create space for ministry leaders and their teams to experience renewal and be re-inspired in their mission. Please contact Josie at josie@shinehealing.org so that we can plan an experience or workshop specifically for you and your team.

Additional Services

Speaking and Workshops (topics: Restful Rhythms, Wholeness Through the Enneagram, Undone by Love, and the Healthy Body Project. Click here for more information.)

The Selah Way  We want as many people as possible to get the chance to experience the beauty and serenity of Selah Ranch. Therefore, we provide free, 1-hour mini experiences throughout the year with the goal of creating opportunities for you to practice both restful and creative rhythms that restore your soul and enliven your senses! Dates will be announced on our events page!

Rent Our Space If your ministry team just needs a quiet, undistracted space away to reconnect and be refreshed, we’d love to open up space for you and your team to enjoy the peacefulness of Selah Ranch.


Our amazing team is here to serve you and can’t wait to sit around the fire with you!