Weary, Burnt Out, Wanting More -
We Get You!

Hello, gosh we are so glad you are here! We are coaches at heart who love helping women experience God's love for them. Our hope is that women always walk away from any experience we cultivate with the courage to live their truest story,  embrace their unique talents, and emergence into the best possible version of themselves. 

So if you find yourself, your team, your ministry needing a reset and wanting space to reconnect with your vision and purpose, we got you! We can help you get back to a place of balance, hope, and greater resiliency.

Here is a little bit about Josie: 

Josie is just a small town, nature lover and recovering perfectionist. Her personal mission is to be well and bring as many people along for the ride as possible! As a clinical counselor, trauma specialist, restorative practices trainer, wellness consultant, speaker, and author she will help you and your team overcome the obstacles in the way of thriving and serving others to your fullest capacity! We all have one story and it is time to learn how to live it well and most authentically. You coming? 

Here is a little bit about Holly: (coming soon) 

Women's groups, teams,  ministries & organizations, let's build deeper connections & resiliency together!

What we can provide you:

Custom Designed Spiritual Growth and Restorative Rhythms Workshops & Retreats

Keynote Speaking

Restorative Community Building Experiences


A Favorite Quote

"Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become." 


-James Clear, Atomic Habits 

Topics We Love to Talk About

The Art of the Pause: Restorative Rhythms for Spiritual Growth


The Art of Becoming: Simple Soul Practices  to Become Confident, Secure,  and Wholehearted Women


Cultivating Healing Communities & Inner Resilience


Hearing God's Heart Through Creativity & Watercolor 




My Awesome Family

They're it, the reason I keep fighting to learn how to love well, be well and help as many people as I can thrive in this one life we've been given! Hoping to leave a legacy my kids can be proud of! 

A Few Things I Love

Quite Mornings with Jesus

Anything in Nature

Laughing with my Hubby

Growing with Friends

Being a Momma

A Good Sweaty Workout!

Plants - the More the Merrier!

Anything Cheesecake or Chocolate


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