You are what Matters

You matter. You are valued. You have purpose.

We are created by a God who loves us, needs us, wants us. Being human creates that need. It is within us to want to have purpose. God put it there. You matter. Our heavenly Father says in John 15 to bring forth much fruit. The seeds of life, change, service, among others begin by being placed in the ground. Once sprouting, we expect full growth and fruit sometimes just by of the act of planting. In Revelation 3:10 first part of the verse says: Because you have kept my word about patient endurance….

Who wants to hear that? Patient endurance? Day in day out.

Slow growth produces the hardest woods of trees. Slow growth means deeper roots. Slow growth means less pruning and bigger branches. Slow growth means the inside (where no one can see) is being fed. How much better the fruit?!

God really is looking for faithfulness to whatever he has placed before us. We seek lives of purpose. Even taking good care of ourselves is one of them. Do you care for yourself like you matter to yourself, to God, to others?

You have great purpose right where you are. Doing life. What’s before you, around you. In you. Through you.

Psalm 57:2 I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills His purpose for me.

Lord, I do cry out to you. Thank you for valuing me. I know you love me and have purpose for me. Life is full of questions but the certainty lies in you my God. You created me for relationship with you and with others. I matter. Right here. Right now. Fulfill Your purpose in me.

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