Love Matters The Most

 Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant…For even the Son of Man came not be be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many. Matthew 20:26-28 NLT

This girl has had her comfort zone busted wide open! I feel like I’ve been plucked out of my cozy corner of the world and place smack dab into a sea of unknowns.  We don’t like the unknowns or to be uncomfortable but what I have found, is that the places I’ve most wanted to run from, but didn’t, allowed God to lead me to greater levels of freedom!

I’ve been my own boss for over ten years now, running things how I want it and doing what I wanted, when I wanted. But, life called for a change! I now find myself in a place where I have not only one boss but multiple bosses to answer to. The funny thing is, I asked God to teach me how to love like him. The first thing he did was take away the titles I’d been hiding behind: “Co-founder” and “President” .

What better way is there to learn to love like him than to be made completely low?

He came to serve. To become the lowest of low. Beaten. Whipped. Spit upon. The ransom for us. Never once did he place his needs above those he came to serve.

Sometimes we have to question, “Do we really want what we are asking for?”

To love like him – means sacrifice. It means allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable for the comforting of others.

When I finally was willing to give up what I thought brought me the greatest value, I learned what true love looked like – what it felt like in my heart! And it overwhelmed me. His love is so unbelievable. I believe that if we learn to love first and to love like him, everything else we are seeking will fall into place.

Are you willing to be made low? We change the world by the love we show. Change the world with me. Let’s learn to love like He loves!

Be Blessed ~ Be a Light


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