A Challenge for Us All

                                                            “I’m single-minded in pursuit of you” (Psalms 119:10, MSG)

I am so excited to introduce to you a new resource that is coming soon to Shine Healing Ministries call, “The 40 Day Journey”! This is online program and workbook that will serve as your next-step guide to assist you in experiencing and putting into practice the principles laid out in my new book, Shining Freely: Overcome Your Past and Set Your Purpose Free. Below is a description about The 40 Day Journey and a sneak peak into day 1! Enjoy 🙂

Jesus initiated the greatest rescue mission ever known – just over 2,000 years ago – when He died on the cross so that we could be free! Today, many of us still need rescued from ourselves! The 40 Day Journey is your guide to learning how to rest in God’s way and cease from yours so that God can begin to open your heart to the “immeasurably more” he has planned for you! And the best part about it, you won’t be alone. God wants to walk with you on this 40 Day pause of discovery with the goal of cultivating a deeper relationship with Him so that He can set you free from the limiting mindsets and self-protective strategies your heart holds. It’s time! Time to lay down your way for God’s way! Accept the challenge before you to pause for 40 Days to let God do in your life what only He can. Daily encouragement and simple action steps will be provided to help you succeed on your journey to freedom. May prayer is that your heart be flooded with Light and leave you forever changed. Don’t wait! Encounter God, Discover you, and Experience Freedom!

Day 1 Expectation and Praise

Thought of the day: Praise prepares your heart for what God is about to do!

I will CEASE today by choosing to:

Connect with God

Daily Word

Psalm 145:2-3 (NLT)

I will praise you every day; yes, I will praise you forever. Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise! No one can measure his greatness.

Daily Worship

Do it again by Elevation Worship

Note here how this verse and song spoke directly to your heart:


Examine My Heart

Lord, is there something in my heart that makes it hard for me to abandon myself fully to you in worship and believe that you will do great things in me and for me during this 40 Day Journey? What mountains do I need to begin to believe that you can move for me? Now, seek God’s view. What does he want you to begin to believe about his ability to move the mountains and part the sea that appears impossible before you?

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Allow God to Open My Heart to His View

I want you to know that I have plans for your good, plans to infuse hope and life into the dreams I have fashioned in your heart (Jeremiah, 29:11). The things I will begin to speak into your heart during this journey will be hard for you to fathom because I see you and your situation so vastly different than what you can currently comprehend. It will require faith, but luckily, you only need faith the size of a tiny, little mustard seed and then I can move mountains (Matthew, 17:20). Take this journey with me and watch me do immeasurable more than you could ever think, dream, or imagine in your life (Ephesians, 3:20). Walk to the edge of the sea before you, the sea you don’t believe you can cross and take that first step. Feel the coolness of the water on your feet and watch as I begin to part the sea before you. I promise to make a way where there is no way! I did it for Moses, and I can do it for you.

Surrender to God’s Way

In this time of prayer visualize walking to the edge of the sea you thought you would never cross and taking that first step. God will meet you there. Be willing to hand over to him anything that you need to cease from that hinders your praise and ability to believe that God can do the impossible in your life during this 40 Day Journey. Cut your connection with the limiting mindsets (things you speak or believe) and protective strategies (things you do) that are holding you back by asking God to forgive you for partnering with views and actions that don’t line up with his truth!

Write your own personal prayer of surrender here:


Expect God to Move on My Behalf

Expect mountains to move and the sea to be parted. The waters before you are no match for God’s presence inside you! Sing his praise. Thank him for what he is about to do in your life through the next 40 days and beyond!

Visualize a truth-filled thought based on what God revealed to your heart today and renew your mind in it all day long. Speak it, repeat it, be it!

My truth-filled focused thought for today:


Pause and Be Still

Write down any thoughts, impressions, or images that are coming to your mind. Grant yourself the freedom to visualize it fully and creatively express what God is revealing to your heart in any format that is best for you. Let the images and words that come to mind become powerful snapshots you recall throughout the day to infuse your heart with hope for the journey.


End of Day Reflection

Note how your truth-focused view impacted your day and any way that God moved in your life as you practiced ceasing from your way to surrender to his.






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