Josie Muterspaw

Josie has over 12 years of experience working with people who have felt broken, damaged, and not enough. Witnessing their struggle to hope again has molded her passion to become an outspoken voice for those who are held back by their past. Her message of healing is driven by the desire to see women set free to share their unique, God-designed light with the world! She is a speaker, author, and Professional Clinical Counselor who has spent most of her career designing programs that help others find both freedom from their painful past and a renewed sense of purpose. After many hard lessons, it became obvious to Josie that no program can trump an encounter with God. True healing comes when God’s heart and perspective intersect with our broken places – which is exactly why she founded Shine Healing Ministries and The 40 Day Journey to help women heal their heart, grow in their relationship with God, discover their true identity, and set their purpose free.

Josie is a wife, a momma to two girls, and a Buckeye (O-H..I-O) through and through! She loves her quiet time, country air, and all furry creatures – great and small!

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