Flourish Circles – Learning How to Wildly Bloom Together


Let’s Continue the Journey!

This Flourish Circle offering is a group follow up experience for women who have participated in our in-person retreats and want to dive deeper. We want to continue to guide you along the road to flourishing together. If you want to grow deeper and wildly bloom alongside other women seeking to flourish, then we would love for you to join us!

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In a culture where stress and busyness have become the norm, spaces to pause and experience renewing & healing connection are vital. So, we created Flourish Circles to provide a roadmap, a step-by-step process helping you continue the journey connecting with God’s story for you and practicing ways to flourish and thrive in your everyday life. 

To flourish means to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment and to cultivate order, beauty, and abundance for the common good of others.

At Shine, we believe the most “favorable environment” that enables us to flourish is a supportive community. In a world longing for connection and authenticity, we envision more inviting spaces where woman can come alongside other women offering encouragement and support no matter where we find ourselves along our spiritual journey.

We also believe that there is something unique and beautiful in each one of us ready to bloom for the common good and benefit of others. Therefore, we commit to coming alongside you, helping you embrace the beauty within so that we can collectively find the courage to boldly shine our light in the world. The more we live true to who we are, the more the world will benefit! 

We will meet for 4 weekly group coaching in-person sessions (via zoom if weather isn’t favorable), led by your coaches & guides, Holly & Josie. We cannot wait to help you cultivate meaningful connections and the pursuit of your most authentic story so that we can flourish and wildly bloom together! We absolutely believe that the truest you is within you and we are committed to helping you find her!

What you will receive:

  • 4 live group coaching sessions once weekly through our Flourish Circle experience.
  • The Flourish Circle Workbook/Guide for personal reflection & cultivating your own circle community moving forward. 
  • Access to the Flourish Circle Community discussion forum and bonus resources!

The Flourish Circle Community Sessions will be hosted at Selah Ranch 5343 O’Neall Rd in Waynesville Monday nights in August (5th, 12th, 19th & 26th) from 6:30-8PM (EST). Before joining, make sure that you can attend all 4 sessions as each one builds on the other. We hope you will invest in your own personal growth and the growth of other women who will benefit from the light you were meant to share. It is a great value at less than $45 per session! Looking forward to seeing you around the circle!

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