A Rooted Place Community Circle – 5 Sessions

An informal gathering space to grow together, be restored, connect, and become deeply rooted in the love of God. One of our foundational values at Shine is community. Therefore, this offering is intended to grow a community of supportive relationships. Each session builds on the next so we would love to have you join us for all 5 dates, however, we also understand that schedule conflicts arise, and you may have to miss a session or two. So looking forward to connecting with you!



*All our experiences are donation based – We ask that you give a love gift based on the amount that is feasible for you and your circumstance.  Our desire is that everyone would have the opportunity to experience what Selah Ranch has to offer no matter the financial situation!



Welcome, you are invited to a space for the heart, a place to belong and to grow. A place where we will explore together how we can allow God’s love to become the very source and root of our lives (Ephesians 3:17). Together is a key component because we heal best and more fully in community. God formed us for relationship, to grow and become our best selves in the presence of others cheering us on and helping us fight the battles of our faith together. Join us for an informal restorative circle where we slow down to reflect, have heart to heart communication and leave with your own personal restorative rhythm plan. And best of all you will experience more fully God’s wild and crazy love for you! Come for this 5 session experience and find that all of you is welcome here!

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