I Realized Something…


I realized something early on in ministry. The majority of us want to find our place and shine our light in this world, but somewhere along the way we stopped believing we have what it takes!

We’ve been given a promise. Jesus said when he left this earth he placed in our hearts His light. A light that is unstoppable, and more powerful than anything we could ever know.

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father … and I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, who will never leave you. He is the Holy Spirit who leads into all truth.” John 14: 17

Did you see it? He died, and rose again, and left HIS light (the Holy Spirit) inside you to do EVEN GREATER WORKS than Him!

It is a crazy thought for me to wrap my mind around. So crazy in fact the enemy knows it. He doesn’t want us to grasp the idea that we have a force so powerful within us that it would literally knock him off his feet if we tapped into it.

When Jesus was about to be arrested, Judas led an army of 300-600 soldiers to capture him. One man against 300-600 soldiers? Really?

Picture this scene in John 18: 4-6. Jesus asked the soldiers “Whom do you seek?” They responded, “Jesus of Nazareth.” What happens next blows me away. All Jesus does is say, “I AM HE” and every last one of the soldiers were so overcome by the power sent out through Jesus’ words that they literally “fell to the ground” (vs. 6, ESV).  It was as if this invisible force swept them off their feet and they stumbled, staggered and couldn’t remain standing in his presence.

This is the power Jesus left inside you!

The enemy of our destinies is hard at work trying to distort our vision and make us doubt this Truth because he is SCARED! He trembles at the thought of us grabbing hold of this TRUTH! So he continually whispers into the ear of all light bearers – all believers, “YOU’RE NOT ENOUGH!”

It is an ingenious fear tactic! He is out to dim our light in any way he can. He wants you to hide it and make you believe you’re not worthy to share it, you’re not ready, you’re not ENOUGH!

Why have so many of us taken the bait? We have believed the enemies’ lies making it hard for us to believe that God would really want to use us – to shine through us. We have this unbelievable gift inside of us just waiting to burst forth and shake up the world around us for God’s glory. But in order for us to experience the power of God inside of us we have to begin to believe it is there for the taking. We’ve got to stop listening to the enemies’ voice. His voice causes fear to grow where power was meant to.

Any number of YOU’RE NOT’s can float through your mind throughout your day. It happens so much that we don’t even try to fight it anymore. Ladies, we have to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and refuse to listen to anything BUT the TRUTH of who God says that we are! Let me let you in on a little secret. GOD WILL NEVER TELL YOU YOU AREN’T ENOUGH! BECAUSE HE ALREADY KNOWS THAT YOU ARE.

The Truth is:  “Whom the son sets free is free indeed” (John 8:36).

We are free from all condemnation, shame, sin, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, fear, and despair, but the problem is our minds won’t let us walk free!

You, yes YOU, reading these words right now, have a POWERFUL light inside you that God handcrafted for your heart to hold and share with His world.  LET’S GET BOLD TOGETHER and have each other’s back as women! Let’s knock fear flat on its back by believing in who God uniquely designed us to be and encouraging other women to do the same! The world needs our light!

Ladies, if you’re not listening to the voice of God and who He says you are, you will never discover who you were meant to be! So perk up your ears, tune into His heart for you and set that LIGHT free. Boldly shine for him, unashamed, letting nothing hold you back!

Be Blessed ~ Be a Light!

P.S. Coming soon are two powerful tools to help you experience FREEDOM and walk in your destiny! Keep an eye out for the release of my new book, Shining Freely, and the companion devotional guide, The 40 Day Journey!


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