Stand Your Ground


It was for this freedom that Christ set us free {completely liberating us}; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery {which you once removed} Galatians 5:1 (AMP)

It’s true what they say, freedom isn’t free. Someone always pays a price. In our case it was Christ. He gave His life “completely liberating us“! Why then do we often feel so chained, held back, broken, and restrained?

We gain ground, find freedom, make progress then two steps back – maybe ten, or so it seems.

I’ve had moments in my life where joy abounds and I feel so free and then I have moments where I felt all progress was lost. I admit it, this woman who believes so much in freedom in Christ, sometimes doesn’t feel so free.

As I was wrestling with this dilemma in my mind, suddenly it hit me.

Freedom isn’t free which means we have to STAY free. Soldiers don’t stop fighting once they gain a little ground they keep protecting the land they fought so hard to gain. Once you win new territory, take new ground, find another layer of freedom you must defend it from intruders! We let down our guard and let invaders back in to plunder our soul . Robbing hope. Robbing joy. Robbing vision.

The enemy is a relentless intruder always wanting to steal back the ground we’ve gain. The truth is, he is a creature of habit. We know his main mode of attack. He always goes after our mind. Time and time again he plants seeds of negativity, doubt, and insecurity so that we back down.

And this is what Galatians 5 is talking about. We must stand firm on TRUTH or else we easily slip right back into the chains we once walked away from.

I’ve done it. I don’t blame you. Sometimes those chains are just all too familiar. I’ve let doubt and fear rob me of my vision, of the ground I’ve gain in Christ.  I’ve struggled to believe in the promises I can’t yet see and I’ve let my limited view, limit God’s work in my life.

I read a quote this week that gave me hope, however. It said something like, the wars are just preparing you to be a WARRIOR. I want to be a warrior for Christ. And to do that I’ve got to stop expecting there not to be a fight. Christine Caine laughingly said that sometimes she tells her daughters, “Suck it up sailor”, explaining that the fight is hard, but we can’t give up. Every new level in Christ comes with a price and as we progress in stepping into our calling and becoming the warriors we were designed to be, the fight gets harder not easier.

This is why there are so many starters but so few finishers!

We have to let the wars develop a warrior spirit in us. As we being to believe in the power within us, the greater we will fight!!! Women it is time we ARISE and stop giving up ground. The enemy wants us to fight each other, be jealous, and insecure of other women’s talents and gifts. He loves to consumed our mind with our own problems and rob our praise through circumstance.

He wins when we get so focused on ourselves and our own issues. We are drowning in our own self-absorption at times and the world around us remains untouched.

I had to look honestly this week at this giant log in my own eye. As I allowed the enemy to get me self-absorbed in my own grumbling, he stole my joy. He stole my desire to reach out and be a light. Temporarily that is! I am glad to say I am back in the fight!

I had to let praise lead the way!

Praise is a powerful weapon. The enemy knows this. He can’t stop the power of praise, but he can work darn hard at stopping us from praising.

I believe my vision of an unstoppable wave of women banning together and boldly shining their light for Christ will come to pass! It is time to draw our swords Ladies and believe in the light that is inside of us! We don’t have to back down, give up ground,or let the enemy win by robbing us anymore. BUT I do believe wholeheartedly that there is one thing we must do in order for this to happen – UNITE.

Soldiers don’t fight alone and neither should we. Women united, encouraging each other to shine their unique light causes the enemy to tremble with fear – because he knows something we don’t. The light inside us destroys his power. His only hope is to get us to doubt it.

So stand your ground! You are becoming a WARRIOR!

Be Blessed ~ Be a LIGHT!

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