God Is Rooting for You!

You didn’t choose me, but I’ve chosen and commissioned you to go into the world to bear fruit. John 15: 16 TPT

Sometimes we need to be reminded that God chose us, not the other way around. What passion, what still small voice knocks at your heart and you shove away believing, “No, I could never!”? The truth is you can’t, but he can! Lucky for us, we were never meant to fulfill the dreams God fashions in our hearts alone. Jesus said his, “nourishment comes from doing the will of God who sent [him], and from finishing his work” (John 4:34, NLT). We all have been given a task to spread more of Jesus—to be light. I’m convinced, the greatest source of discontentment spills out of a heart that doesn’t know its purpose.

Start today!

Discover your passion and take a step in that direction. You don’t need to understand it all or have the blueprint completed. Just start. You have been promised a guide that will be faithful to lead and direct you. When Jesus was leaving his disciples, he told them wonderful news. He said that it was time for him to go, but that he would leave them the Holy Spirit. What he said next blows me away. He said that this helper, guide, comforter, encourager, strengthener, and advocate within them would allow them to “do the same works [he did], and even greater works” and that it was the Holy Spirit’s role to reveal God’s heart to them and lead them “in all truth” (John 14:12–17 and John 16:12–13, NLT).

Because Jesus lives in us we are equipped to do the works he did—even greater than him. The Holy Spirit is our inner guide and is always there ready and willing to reveal God’s very heart to us and lead us in all truth! Jesus tells us in John 15, “You didn’t choose me, I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit.” He chose you. He believes in you and he will be faithful to prepare you for the road ahead and provide for your every need. God wants to talk to your heart and reveal to you his “deep secrets” so that he can take you places you can’t even begin to fathom on your own. (1 Corinthians 2:10–12, NLT).

I want to encourage you today with Good News. You Made the Team! Nothing can disqualify you from being hand-selected by God to play on his team! Let me take you on a journey through your imagination for a moment. My hope is as you visualize a new possibility, your heart will open to all God has planned for you. Take a moment to find a quiet space, and pause as you reflect on the words that follow:

Imagine yourself walking down a long corridor and in the distance, you notice a light. You keep walking until you reach a locker room with a door labeled “God’s Team” in bold letters. As you reach your hand towards the large doors you notice a glow peeking through the crack. Something is compelling you from deep within to enter, a drawing you cannot explain. You crack open the door and squeeze in between as if you have just discovered a top-secret room not meant for you. Then all of the sudden a light shines bright in the midst of a sea of lockers. You move toward it. It is begging you to come closer. You pause in front of the locker to find the light is in the shape of your hand. You place your hand within the outline and you hear a click as the door unlocks and begins to swing open. Much to your surprise, you find a jersey neatly hung inscribed with your name. You reach out and trace the letters of your name with the tip of your finger, feeling the stitching perfectly planned no mistake made. In this moment, you feel a sense of acceptance and belonging like you have never known before. Your disbelief turns into joy as you realize all this time God’s been waiting on you to see it, believe it, and accept it – not the other way around. You unhook the jersey from the hanger, raise it above your head, and put it on. In this moment, you feel the jersey embracing all of who you are, not asking you to be a different version of yourself. It is just asking you to accept the size and shape you are right now and be open to allowing the experience and practice of being on God’s team to mold you further into his image day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Suddenly, there is a stirring inside you to share what you’ve just experienced. There is a courage that cannot be denied as you walk out of the locker room, head held high, changed and ready to assume a new role, one in which you now realize is only yours to play.

How would your view of the game change if you started to believe you are part of God’s team? Have you been fighting for a position, trying to prove your worth through works, not realizing you already have a jersey with your name on it tucked away in a locker you’ve never opened? Open the locker. Put on your jersey, accept the position meant only for you and let your life become a letter that forever changes the direction of someone else’s life for the better!

Be Bold ~ Be a Light

**This is an excerpt from my book Shining Freely! Buy it here.


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