Fight Back – Live Amazed!

My little one has a bent towards negativity. I see how it destroys her confidence and robs her of joy. As a momma my heart hurts for her, as a therapist I feel compelled to teach her the right way to deal with these nay saying negative robbers of joy.

You see she is an amazing gymnast- a clear natural-born talent. But there is just one BIG problem, her fear and negativity are squeezing every ounce of joy out of it for her.  Her focus is on what she doesn’t like, what she can’t yet do, and how many eyes are upon her.

So given that you can’t take the therapist out of a girl… I came up with an idea. Knowing the dreaded practice was upon us, I decided to help her come up with a go to phrase that she could repeat to shift her focus off those negative thoughts. Oh, I had some good ones  “I can do all things through Christ”  “I CAN DO IT!” and my favorite of all, “Get back fear, Mia’s here!” Oh my, I guess I got a little desperate. She turned her nose up to all my best attempts to encourage her little heart.

She sat at the kitchen table and I could tell her wheels were spinning. Suddenly her sweet little fingers began to write. My eyes were glued with anticipation. She wrote,  “Shut up and do it!”  Not quite the encouraging words I was hoping for, but it will do.

Sometimes we need to be bold with the thoughts that rob us of living life! Her little heart knew just what she needed to do. She needed to tell those thoughts to SHUT UP and then do what she was born to DO!

I’m reminded of a comment Zig Ziglar made. He said, “Not everyone that comes to you with a problem wants to solve it…Some people allow their negative history to determine the possibilities for them.”

Sometimes we rather stay where we are then fight the fears that taunt us. We grow friendly with our negative thoughts and they end up fitting us like a comfy pair of our favorite pajamas. But I want to encourage you since, obviously, I did such a good job at it with my daughter 🙂 to say, “SHUT UP” to the nay saying robbers of joy from your past.  Stop letting your past determine the possibilities for your future!

Negative thoughts will rob you of life every time you believe them!

David knew the best way to live well. Even when he was being chased by an angry mob seeking to kill him, HE PRAISED.  His focus was clear – His eyes and heart were always bent towards God! In Psalm 57: 7-11 we see the words he spoke to the Lord as he was fleeing for his very life.  He said, ” My heart is confident in you, O God; my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing your praises! Wake up my heart…I will wake the dawn with my song. I will thank you, Lord among all the people. I will sing your praises among the nations. For your unfailing love is as high as the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds. Be exalted, O God, above the highest heavens. May your glory shine over all the Earth.”

Wow, if only we would praise this way – living our lives in awe and being amazed and fully confident in WHO GOD IS for our every need. One of my favorite pastors Graham Cooke says, “Believing has a grin attached to it. Believing has a stance. You are responsible for your confidence. God has given you His WORD – you need to be confident about it. If you don’t believe in the outcome the process will undo you…Rejoicing gets you surrounded by who God is and your perception opens up.”

Open yourself up to awe and wonder. Be amaze by who God is and what He has done for you. Speak life to your dreams and the promises in God’s Word for you.

I decided I would take David’s actions to heart and write my own Psalm of praise to help me remember my focus when life gets gloomy and tries to steal my joy. My wish is to share a piece of my heart with you to encourage you that your focus determines whether or not you will be undone by the process. God already knows the outcome. Will you trust Him to get you there?

My Psalm of Praise

Each morning my heart rejoices in your presence. I jump to my feet to experience more of you. Lord, you are magnificent. You are beauty and grace. You are Holy and so worthy of all my praise. Lord, I lift your name high. You keep your promises to me, you pursue me, you hold me, you comfort me, you guide me, and you shelter me. Lord, I praise you and thank you for meeting me right where I am but with each encounter you never leave me the same. Lord, I am in awe of you – may I never lose sight of you. You propel me forward and I can’t help but follow you. Everything in me longs for more of you. Your love amazes me, consumes me, overwhelms me, and motivates me to be all You have called me to be. Lord, thank you for your love. Thank you for saving me . Thank you that you NEVER give up on me! Thank you that you are faithful, trustworthy, and you will accomplish in my life what YOU have promised. My heart swells when I think of you. My feet dance and my eyes light up when I remember all you have done for me! May thanksgiving, praise, and rejoicing become my lifestyle because You are worthy of nothing less! 

My challenge for you this week my friends is write your own personal Psalm of Praise to God. Meditate on it every day for 7 days and reflect on what changes in you when you focus on Who God is and not your circumstance.  May you be changed from the inside out!

Be sure to comment below with your very own Psalms of praise to encourage us all along on our healing journeys!

Be Blessed – Be a LIGHT!

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