Are You Out of Balance?

“Be mindful of the future but not at the expense of the moment.”

                                                                                            ~ Qui Gon Jinn

I am not so good at the whole fun side of life. I have always been a “do-er”. I have missed the joy of many moments wading in the waters of discontent. I seem to be most comfortable forging ahead – nose to the ground determined to get to where I am headed. I think I have this invisible productivity meter in my mind always pushing me to do more and warning me when my output is insufficient.

I heard in my heart, Josie, you don’t enjoy life – you seek to conquer it. It is as if I am always on a quest. The act of always looking ahead leaves me off balance. If everything I do is about accomplishing something – when is there time for just plain old fun? I asked myself, “Why does everyday have to involves something BIG to matter?”

We all want balance but often don’t want to give up certain things to obtain it. 

For me to have balance I need to give up my desire to accomplish something BIG everyday! Maybe today the greatest thing I do is hold my daughter and tell her how amazing she is. When did that become not enough in my mind?

What do you need to let go of? What is driving the fun right out of your life? My dream of doing great things for the Lord can’t be more important than the sweet people God has given me to live life with. Fun has to balance out the ambition and drive or one day I will look back and only see all the memories I failed to create.

Anytime we place too much importance on one thing  we run the risk of getting off balance! Is there something in your life tilting you in one direction? Is it a relationship, a promotion your after, a title behind your name, a calling on your life? You may have a pure heart about what you are pursuing. I believe I do. BUT even with good intentions and pure motives we can still get out of balance.

I want to serve God more than anything and do great things for Him, but I can’t get so wrapped up in the future ahead that I forget the simple things of today. I want to enjoy life not conquer it. I want to pause to experience life instead of always pushing ahead. With my nose to the ground I never see the beauty of the moment right in front of me.

Every moment matters! I’ve been asking myself how can I learn to enjoy the simple things of life and not perceive them as insignificant? I am realizing I don’t always have to do a BIG thing each day to make a BIG impact in this life.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under heaven.” For me this means I have to balance my ambition with seasons of FUN. I will forever remain out of balance if I refuse to see that life isn’t always about DOING. Sometimes it is just about BEING fully present with the ones I love!

Take a look at your priorities and focus. Are you placing too much emphasis on one aspect of your life causing you to be out of balance in another area of your life?  It is never too late to make a change and balance things out a bit.

Be Blessed ~ Be a LIGHT!

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