Your Invite is Here!

I’ve learned an invaluable lesson over this last year. I used to think that if I just studied enough, trained enough, and had enough quiet time I would have all the answers to healing I needed. That’s me the 2nd one from the left above. Oh, how I look back at her now and say, “You don’t realize what is about to happen. In just a year from now, you will come to understand that deep, authentic connection with these ladies is going to change you forever!”

The most fundamental human needs we all have are to be loved, seen, and to belong. I’ve found a belonging among a sisterhood I can’t say I’ve ever truly experienced before. You see one of my core fears is that “if I’m not perfect, I’m not pleasing.” Being a mental health therapist sometimes brings with it the myth that I should have all the answers and not struggle. That is a big fat lie! I struggle, sometimes deeply, but I never wanted anyone to know. I thought it would discredit me. Now I know through the love and acceptance of these ladies, I am free to throw off my mask of perfectionism and be loved for me. Even with all my messy flaws exposed.

You see what I didn’t understand a year ago, I now realize I can’t live without. So I want to do the same for you. I want to invite into a space with me as we journey together through each day of the 40-Day Journey. It is a space where I’ll be real with you and you can be real with me. A space where we pursue truth more than comfort, and no longer let shame keep us in hiding.

I know healing isn’t an easy task and it is often something we avoid altogether. Let’s just be honest going into the hurting places within isn’t a destination everyone is dying to visit. I’ve found in my 15 years as a counselor, that many people give up on their healing journey way too soon and struggle with hurts way longer than necessary. I’m not gonna lie, this process will make you feel vulnerable at times, but freedom is on the other side of going through and understanding your pain, not in trying your hardest to wiggle around it and pretend it doesn’t exist.

So because I experienced such freedom while doing the 40-Day Journey with this amazing group of ladies, I found the courage to face my imperfections head on and share my experience with you. Traveling together, I’ll reveal to you how God’s heart was healing mine. I’ll give you the highlights as well as the not so pretty moments I had to sit with on each day of my journey!

No excuses…Your invite is sent. I sure hope you’ll join me. I can’t guarantee it will be easy, but I can guarantee the journey will change things in you. Things maybe you didn’t realize you needed or even existed.

So before we get started, if you haven’t already grabbed your copies of Shining Freely and The 40-Day Journey, you can do that here and then you can hop on over to my YouTube page(same link) and begin your journey –NOT ALONE, but together, as I walk with you through each day!

Also, be sure to come and join me for Fireside Chats this summer. The link above will also connect you to the Fireside Chat page where you can find out more!

Pssss. Drum roll please….This is hot off the press, no one else knows but the very first Fireside Chat is going to be June 13th! Stayed tuned for more details coming soon. Can’t wait to see you around the fire!

Be Bold ~ Shine Your Light!

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