Spark is an annual teen girl’s event focused on shaping healthy identity and building true connections. Somewhere along the way young girls experience a moment that makes them think “its not ok to be me” and a mask is created to ward off rejection. The problem is when one lives behind a mask they never discover who they were truly designed to be.

Working as a counselor in a local school, I’ve seen first hand the everyday struggle teenage girls are faced with. There are two themes that emerge over and over, one, a struggle to know who they are, love themselves and believe in their value, and, two, the struggle to throw off the masks and connect deeply with their peers in healthy life-giving ways. So at Shine we want to be apart of helping teen girls throw of the disguises and love who God is designing them to be!

Our plan is to host an inspirational back to school event annually on the 2nd weekend of August!  MORE INFO COMING SOON! Subscribe to our email list on our homepage to get the latest updates!

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