Ministry Team Building

Many words can be used to describe ministry, but often easy isn’t one of them. Mixing together unique personality styles driven by different motivations and beliefs with the weariness that can settle into our hearts naturally as we minister to others can halt forward progress. Time away to REFUEL can be just what we need to discover and face these hindrances head-on with more clarity and wisdom. So grab your ministry team and experience a much-needed pause in God’s presence to refresh, reset, and rediscover a better way to partner together.

What you will experience:

  • A two and a 1/2 hour custom-designed ministry building experience based on your needs.
  • An equine-based experience or a challenge-based experience of your choice.
  • A customed designed blueprint outlining the unique challenges created by the intermixing of your team’s personality styles and what the next steps are for creating growth and unity. (The Enneagram Personality tool will be utilized in this process. Check out the Enneaapp or the Enneagram Institute to find out more.)

We can wait to partner with you and see our regions transformed for Christ!

Cost $50 per person (Minimum 4 people) for a 2 and a 1/2 hour experience

Ministry teams are welcomed to rent our space and extend their experience to a ½ or full day at Selah Ranch! Price will be determined by hours requested and time of year.

Experiences are available late spring through early fall! Call us at 513-268-7296 or email at so that we can custom design your next experience!

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