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Encounter God.
Discover You.
Experience Freedom

You have been invited on a journey, a 40-Day Journey of discovery where you will learn how to walk to the rhythm of God’s heartbeat and experience the freedom that comes from resting in his way. It is in the stillness of God’s presence that our hearts become free. 

Overcome Your Past And Set Your Purpose Free

Running freely after the dreams God has fashioned in our hearts only happens when we learn to face and let go of the things that are holding us back. One of the great fears we have is that we will never discover who we are truly designed to be and become her. This book gives you the tools to overcome those fears and run after the purpose for which you were created! 

Author spotlight

Josie is an Author, Speaker, Enneagram Coach, and Professional Clinical Counselor. She has specialized in the area of trauma and complex PTSD for nearly 20 years and believes that one of the biggest challenges to overcome any obstacle we face is awareness. “We don’t know what we don’t know.” Therefore, she is passionate about helping others discover what is blocking their progress and encouraging them to run after their purpose.

Josie Muterspaw

Readers say

“It was the most amazing experience in my 46 years of seeking the Lord in a real, tangible way. It has profoundly propelled my walk with God in the sweetest, kindest and most delightful way. When I think of this journey, my heart swells with the reality of His goodness and a greater understanding of His love for me.” (The 40-Day Journey)

Holly Giles

Rejected. Flawed. Not enough. I’ve wrestled with these untruths about myself for my entire adult life. Self-help books have done nothing for me, until I read Shining Freely. I had lightbulb moment after lightbulb moment, as I was reading. And now I’m relentless in my pursuit of the realization of who I am in Christ. He delights in me and has never expected me to have it all together. It was me who put on those chains. Praising Him for this life-changing gift of a book.”

Christi Traster

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