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Shining Freely

“The day we stop hiding is the day we start healing.”

Running freely after the dreams God has fashioned in our hearts only happens when we learn to face and let go of the things that are holding us back. We all have our reasons for turning off the light within. Past pain, shameful experiences, hurtful words, and disappointment, make us long for certainty and safety. The problem is the protective strategies we create in the dark, won’t work in the light. Bringing together personal experience, years of clinical practice, and God’s Word, Josie guides readers in discovering the limiting mindsets and protective strategies that keep our hearts far from healing and our lights hidden.

Healing starts with awareness. What we aren’t aware of we simply cannot heal, and we end up living imprisoned by our own minds. By identifying and exposing the limiting mindsets holding us back, we can begin to rebuild our lives on the truth of how God sees us. Shining Freely gracefully leads us on this journey of self-discovery so that our hearts become free to shine for Christ. Topics include:

  • Identifying Key Hinderances to Healing
  • Self-discovery
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Healing Invisible Scars
  • Habits That Promote Change
  • Discovering the Light Within
  • Hearing God’s Heart

A special chapter is devoted to the healing power of rest. All freedom begins with rest and learning to allow, God, the greatest dance partner of all, to lead the way!

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The 40-Day Journey

Your guide to putting into practice the principles introduced in Shining Freely!

The path to freedom begins with rest! The problem is we are often too distracted to pause, sit, and soak in more of God in the middle of our busy, stress-filled lives. It is time to learn the art of the pause once again so that our hearts can be refreshed, reset, and restored. On this 40-day journey of discovery, Josie invites us to walk to the rhythm of God’s heartbeat and experience the freedom that comes from resting in his way. It is in the stillness of God’s presence that our hearts become free. Opening our eyes, he gently and lovingly reveals the truth we need to hear.

Once we begin to glimpse God’s perspective, it will take faith to complete the journey. The 40-Day journey is designed to illuminate things that are holding us back, while at the same time infusing us with the courage to let go. For it is in letting go of what we were never designed to carry, that we become free to experience the “immeasurably more” God has in store for our lives! This is our chance to refuse to give up, give in, or back down and become people who learn to let go of “…every wound that has pierced us” and everything that weighs us down (Hebrews 12:1, TPT). It is where we learn to truly run! It is time to throw off anything that hinders us from finishing the race God has pre-destined and marked out for us.

Don’t wait! Accept the challenge and let God do what only he can in your heart! Encounter him in a whole new way, discover your true identity, and experience the freedom to run after the dreams God has fashioned within your heart!

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The 40-Day Journey Testimony:

“It was the most amazing experience in my 46 years of seeking the Lord in a real, tangible way. It has profoundly propelled my walk with God in the sweetest, kindest and most delightful way. When I think of this journey, my heart swells with the reality of His goodness and a greater understanding of His love for me. This journey was a format created that allowed me to flow freely in His love and begin to see myself more clearly through His eyes. While I’m still a work in progress, my feet are grounded, my mind is sharp with understanding, my faith is greater, my hope is endless, and my beliefs are rooted in truth. I am forever changed.”  – Holly Giles