Self-Discovery Equine Experience

Are you just starting to begin your healing journey and want to discover what is holding you back from living the life you were created for? Or have you been on this journey for what seems like way too long with no progress? Then sign up for one of our individualized self-discovery equine experiences for women.

Sometimes our journey to healing can be confusing and hard to conceptualize and we need another set of eyes to help us see ourselves more clearly. That is exactly what I want to be for you as I guide you through the life-changing principles I’ve discovered through years of clinical practice, biblical study, personal experience, and the Enneagram. The Enneagram is one of the most effective tools for self-discovery I’ve come across in my professional and personal life. (Check out the Enneaapp or the Enneagram Institute to find out more.)

I’ve realized that it is a common experience for us to struggle to identify what is hindering our own progress. This happens for two reasons, one because we are avoiders by nature (no one like peering into their wounded places), and two, because most of our protective strategies (unhealthy habits) and limiting mindsets formed long ago when we were young. This means they’ve been around for so long we don’t even recognize that they are there.  And without awareness, we can’t heal! This causes us to get stuck repeating the same old patterns and wondering why we never see the changes we long for.

At Shine Healing Ministries we believe that awareness is the first step to healing. So, invest in yourself and your healing journey by experiencing a uniquely created, one-on-one coaching session with me. I am a professional clinical counselor who has specialized in trauma and complex PTSD for 15 years.  I believe that one of the biggest challenges to overcome any obstacle we experience isn’t what we know, but what we fail to see. Therefore, I am passionate about helping you discover what is blocking your progress and encouraging you to move forward in your purpose.

Call today and let me help you discover the healing habits and biblical principles that lead to true and lasting freedom! I can’t wait to meet you!

Cost $175 for a 2-hour Equine Self-Discovery Experience (and follow-up consultation). Experiences are available for booking late spring through early fall! 


“There aren’t proper words for the experience I had with Josie during my Self-Discovery Equine Experience. I never imagined God would show up for me in such a dynamic, intentional and creative way. I cannot recommend this experience enough, go in with no expectation and you will come out completely changed. I am so thankful for my time with Tango, Josie and the Holy Spirit. The time I took to self reflect and finally stop for a minute to hear my needs will forever shape the rest of my life. Take a chance on yourself and on your personal mental health and growth and watch God show up and blow your mind!” ~ Lauren 

*Please note the equine experience is not to be considered a professional counseling session or intended for on-going purposes. The goal is to provide a one-time experience that increases your awareness, helps you deepen biblical truths in your heart, and creates a roadmap for you to experience the changes you are longing for!

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