Safe Spaces, Healing Places

How do you put into words an experience that is like nothing you’ve ever known before? It has taken me a month to even formulate my thoughts. Which for those who know me can attest, that is truly a feat in itself. I’m a word-junky normally ready to share my limitless thoughts on any subject I am passionate about. But not this time. I was moved in the best of ways to a place where words simply fell short.

I went with great expectations and anticipation. After all, it was Onsite. A place I dreamt of going. The crème de la crème of all treatment and retreat centers. A divine opportunity presented itself for me to attend a leadership academy for mental health professionals there. A full week of Onsite. WHAT? I knew it would be an amazing experience, no doubt, but what I didn’t realize was how life-changing and perspective-shifting it was going to be. I left with a new sense of courage to be fully me. A priceless, ever-giving, empowering gift!

It completely debunked many scripts I had played in my mind for years about people and healing. The theme of the week was basically that we become better leaders by becoming better humans. So with that, we had to face ourselves. It baffled me how easily our small group of strangers connected and showed up fully ourselves. Grown men and women together, being fully real, looking deep within, getting uncomfortably honest and becoming free. I experienced it. I saw it with my own eyes.

Yes, it was awkward at first. Kind of like the first day of school in a crowded lunchroom worried no one would accept you at their table. But oddly, the jitters began to fade as each mask was thrown to the wind and hearts were fully seen. I found people aren’t as unaccepting as we fear! There is something so simple and sacred about being loved in your weakness. The anonymous author of, The Cloud of Unknowing, stated my experience perfectly, “With an empty mind and open heart, let yourself be naked before grace.”

We don’t do this in our culture! And I have to say we are dying for a space like this to be naked before grace.

We all had a story we brought to the table that we needed to be naked with. Things that had shaped our deepest fears and cultivated the mask we felt we had to wear to be accepted. It is crazy how when you finally decide not to remain hidden, you realize you aren’t alone. It is the farthest thing from the truth. We are all struggling with something and in need of a safe space surrounded by people who can remind us we don’t have to struggle alone.

The world is longing for safe spaces to find their truest self and I’m on a mission with eight other amazing women to create a space where your heart can be naked with grace. An experience with love and acceptance that is so out of this world, you will leave speechless. A place where you can be seen, known, and loved into believing you are made for so much more. Sometimes we need a cheering section so that we can ditch the mask and show up fully ourselves. We want to be that for you!

My team and I have committed to living out what we will teach. We are focusing on becoming the best version of ourselves by pursuing God’s presence through healing rhythms of REST, HEAL, LOVE. A practice what we preach mentality through and through so that when we show up for you it will come from a genuine, authentic and safe place. We are actively in the process of seeking, creating, and learning to be “Placemakers” for God’s presence. For we know that when we create a space for God’s love to move and be felt, you will be undone is the best of ways!

Stay tuned for events on the horizon. The best is yet to come.

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