Restorative Rhythms Women’s Retreat

The more we find the rhythms that feed our soul the more fuel we have for our passion. The Restorative rhythms retreat is an inner workout for your soul that will nourish you, and give you the tools to live a life in rhythm with God’s heartbeat and his purposes for you.

We all need a space to slow down, catch our breath, heal, connected deeper and experience restorative rhythms that transform our lives. We would love for you to join us and gather around our circle of connection and creativity to experience the heart of God and find the rest and inner balance your soul deserves.

It’s time to set aside a full day just for you to unplug, reset, and cultivate a deeper connection with God and the creative desires within. We will practice rhythms of rest that feed and nourish your soul while at the same time inspire and awaken your unique creativity.

In order to live whole, restored lives, there are rhythms we must learn to lean into. God designed our bodies, minds, and hearts for rest and our souls for creative expression. It is in this undistracted space where God can restore our bodies, tend to our hearts, and re-awaken the unique creative gifts he has placed within us. (Psalm 23:2-3)

The day will begin with learning and practicing the restorative rhythms of silence, stillness, and solitude to reset our hearts and ground ourselves more fully in the present moment. Then we will dive deep into creative experiential activities and inspiring group collaborative discussions.

We cannot wait for you to experience God’s design for restorative rest. By learning how to cultivate presence in an overly distracted world you will find balance for your mind, heart, and body and be free to express your inner creativity!

What You Will Walk Away With:

Ways to quiet your mind, tend to your heart, and nourish your body.

A clearer view of your purpose and a deeper connection with God’s heart.

Increased inner peace and a sense of balance.

Inspiration to express your limitless and unique creative gifts.

Your own personal plan to incorporate rhythms of rest into your life.

A community of voices cheering you on!

The day starts at 9 AM with a light snack & coffee and ends at 3 PM. (Registration and coffee begin at 8:30)

Retreat includes: A box-lunched and all materials, a pre-event consultation call to get to know you better and discuss your goals for the retreat, a super sweet goody bag, and a full day set aside just for you to reset, refresh and be renewed!

Location: Selah Ranch 5343 O’Neall Rd. Waynesville, OH 45068

Date: June 5, 2021

Be sure to dress comfy, bring a blanket, and have your walking shoes on!

Email Josie with any questions:

*All of our experiences are donation-based. Give what you can and come even if you can’t. Our ministry is supported by private donors whose funding allows us to offer our experiences to all without the hinderance of financial restrictions.  

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