The Selah Way – Pause to Rest, Heal & Be Deeply Known


A transformational journey of rest, healing, and becoming deeply known by the heart of God.



Fundamental to our health and wholeness as human beings is the need to be seen, known, and loved. The problem is that these very needs can become the source of our deepest wounding when left unmet in some way. Because of the nature of our humanness and the need to be connected deeply with others, we all have unhealed places, limiting mindsets, and protective strategies that reside, often unknowingly, within us.

The Selah Way was created to be a safe space where your soul can pause and reconnect with God, yourself, and his truest story for you. A space where you can learn to breathe deeply of his love. For it is from this gentle landing place that you can find the courage to enter his rest, let him heal your most tender places, and emerge deeply known by his heart.

Here within these pages is your roadmap to a deeper dive into God’s heart and the connection you are craving. Each day you’ll be led through a restorative rhythm that teaches you how to tune into the voice that matters most, get honest about what your heart holds, and walk away with truth – truth that changes you from the inside out.

Do know, this isn’t your average workbook or devotional. Nor is it a journey for the faint of heart, but it is truly a transformational one. So, if you are done feeling stuck, ready to throw off some things that no longer serve you and embrace all that God has for you, then you are in the right place. Because there is definitely more; more than your heart can yet fathom or imagine. The Selah Way will open your eyes to see that you are always being pursue by the heart of God. He is fighting for your wholeness and knows just what you need. Lean back into his pursuit and be swept away by his tender love and kindness.

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