Enneagram Exploration Coaching Session


Are you struggling to find your type or understand the complex yet insightful personality tool known as the Enneagram? Then let’s explore this ancient tool together. It is full of life-changing insights that not only help you become a better you, but develop better relationships as well. With individualized exploration into your Enneagram Type, you’ll begin the process of discovering the truest version of you!

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Do you want to understand the intricacies of the enneagram with an individualized touch? Then join me for a custom designed process that will help you discover and explore your type in greater depth and find clarity into why you do what you do. This heightened self-awareness will enable you to experience self-compassion and it is from this space that you can begin to take steps toward true and lasting change. I’ll combine my clinical expertise, the wisdom of the gospel, and powerful insights from the Enneagram, to help you begin a personalized path to growth and transformation.

Sessions are 90 minutes in length and will be conducted virtually via zoom. Sign up today!

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