Becoming Me Women’s Retreat – October 22, 2022


Join us for our signature retreat where we will learn how to live in rhythm with God’s heartbeat and discover simple soul practices that help us become confident, secure & deeply rooted in love!

*All our experiences are donation based – We ask that you give a love gift based on the amount that is feasible for you and your circumstance.  Our desire is that everyone would have the opportunity to experience what Selah Ranch has to offer no matter the financial situation!

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Simple Soul Practices to Become Confident, Secure & Deeply Rooted in Love

I’ve found no matter how far I’ve traveled along in my healing journey and grown spiritually, around every new curve the battle for my identity arises. The truest, most confident, secure and deeply loved self is within us all. The messiness of life comes along and blurs the canvas at times, but all the while God patiently waits for us to pause and hear his voice calling us home. If you are ready to kick self-doubt to the curb, let go of the lie that you aren’t enough, and instead live a life of balanced confidence and security in who you are, then join us for the Becoming Me Women’s Retreat!

This experience is designed with your heart in mind. Together we will learn how to kick back, relax into our truest selves, and embrace all that we are with grace and compassion. All God ever wanted was for us to experience his love because he knows if we open our hearts to his view, we will finally see ourselves as he sees us. I’m convinced, we’ve only scratched the surface of allowing our hearts to be loved by God.

We hope you will join us as we explore together healing & restorative rhythms that cultivate within us a rooted, poised, and secure place in God’s love.


What You Will Walk Away With:

  • An experience with God’s heart that will transform yours (or that will forever change how you see yourself and your purpose)
  • Encouragement, inspiration and acceptance surrounded by a community of like-minded women.
  • A greater self-awareness of the mindsets and habitual patterns that are preoccupying your attention and hindering growth.
  • A clear path for incorporating God’s rhythms of rest, heal, love into your life.

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