Shine Healing Ministries

At some point in all our lives we find ourselves in a place where we know there must be more. We long to find what is most authentic and real about us! Our hearts crave it, but in a world of stress, pain, distraction, and hurry, we can easily lose sight of what is most true about us. At Shine Healing Ministries we believe there is a God-authored story within every heart that answers this cry for more. Slowing down and simplifying the noise that surrounds our lives creates space to find our way back home to our true story and discover rhythms that help us live it out. We need spaces that are safe to reconnect with what is true, explore our inner world, and experience the balance our minds, hearts, and bodies long to find. However, in our fast-paced, productivity-driven culture it is becoming even more difficult to find such a space. At Shine Healing Ministries we want to makes it easier for women to experience God’s heart, reconnect with their truest story, and discover rhythms that restore their soul. So in the comfort of a supportive community, we provide opportunities for women to pause, slow down, be loved, be renewed, and reconnect with what is truest about them.

Our Vision

Every woman boldly and creatively living her truest story.

Our Mission

In the rush and weariness of life we lose our way and need rest-filled spaces where we can learn new rhythms that help us reset, heal, and reconnect with what is truest about us.

At Shine Healing Ministries we create rest-filled spaces and restorative experiences that lead women to paths of spiritual transformation and renewal for the mind, heart, and body.

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