Freedom Moments In the Word

Day 1

Freedom Verse of the Day

James 1:21 AMPC

If we receive the Word implanted in us, it has the power to save our souls.

Deeper Meaning Word Highlight

The few words in this verse I want to highlight are Soul and the Word and Implanted.

Implanted means to insert or to set securely or deeply. To insert into living tissue…(heart)

The soul refers to our mind (thinking/beliefs), will(choices/actions), emotions (feelings we experience).

The Word in this verse is referring of course to the Word of God and I want to point out that when you are reading God’s Word you are soaking in his very breath. With the words he inspired the authors to write he is breathing life into your soul.

Today’s Application

We are made up of three parts: body, soul, and spirit. Our spirit is made completely perfect within us when we accept Christ, but our souls can remain a mess.

Heb. 4 talks about the Word penetrating to the very core of us where Soul, Spirit, and body meet! And Eph 5 26-27 Jesus sacrifice cleanses us and make us pure through the Word of God.

The beauty of today’s verse is it is tied to the “New Covenant” God made with the Israelites and now to us in Jeremiah 31. The first covenant was given to us on stone tablets and the second would be written on their hearts-our hearts! God said, “I will put my instructions deep within them and I will write them on their hearts!”

He knew we would need a way – a power like no other to set our souls free from the hurt we would endure in this world. So he set his Word in our hearts as an inner guard a protector…an inside source so that we could be free.

Praise Prayer and Declaration

So today we praise him for the power in his Word to save our trouble minds, our hurting emotionally overwhelmed hearts, and all shame for actions we’ve committed or that have been committed against us that has marked our soul. His word is the eraser. Let God’s Word soak into every part of you today and bring healing to every broken, hurting place within you. Let his Word be your new perspective that you weigh every thought, action, and emotional against as your gauge for what is Truth and vs. our own soul.



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