If I Had It All To Do Over Again…

If I had it all to do over again, I’d open my eyes to see the blessing in each ticking second. I would roll with more punches. I’d let thankfulness be my default instead of complaining. Spreading more grace than judgement and practice understanding instead spinning my wheels to prove I’m right. I wouldn’t take life so seriously and I would refuse to make mountains out of mole hills. I’d soak in God’s approval and not long for man’s. I’d love deeper even if I got nothing in return. I’d focus on the good of others instead of their faults. I’d cherish more the things that cannot be bought. Be less concerned about the things I obtain than the hearts I can change. I’d embrace differences instead of fight against them. Trust in God’s love for me and His promises – believing no matter what He always knows what’s best for me. I’d pray more and fret less. I’d practice self-forgiveness, throw out perfectionism and accept myself and others for who they are. I’d encourage others to be more than they thought they could be. I would control my thoughts instead of letting them control me. I would smell more flowers and be mesmerized by more sunsets nights. I’d relax, let go, and be present more – enjoying the gift of today’s best instead of focusing on where I must go next. I would rest more, laugh freely, and be angry less. I’d stop trying to read others minds and just ask. I’d say I’m sorry quicker, speak the truth in love instead of sulking, and listen more intently. I would let go of wishing for what I don’t have and hold tight to what I do. I’d give more and take less. I’d play more and spend more time with those that matter instead of seeking another accolade or check mark on my list. Hurry and worry would be erased from my vocabulary. I’d stop trying to change what cannot be changed and let God lead the way. I’d accept where I am and trust in where God is taking me and focus my steps on the smiles I could bring instead of the titles behind my name. I’d stop wishing for change and be the change. I’d never let fear win another battle. I’d step out onto the water instead of staying in the boat. I’d refuse to waste another minute not seeing that now is the time to put in place all the things I’d change.

This blog, Pray Heal Shine, is here for you to see that healing and change are possible. Healing starts with awareness! Allow God to bring awareness to all the things that are covering your ability to see your true identity and open your heart to His truth that sets us free. SHINE’s vision is to see women all over the world embrace who they are in Christ because when we know who we are, our light naturally shines in exactly the way God intended us to do so! Don’t let regrets from your past keep you from the change you want to see in your future. You were meant to SHINE and now is your time!

Visit us at www.shinehealing.org to learn more!

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