Family Building Days

Life stressors, busy agendas, hurt unresolved and vastly different personalities can lead families far from the path of unity and togetherness they long to experience. At Selah Ranch, we believe that the family is the most powerful molder of identity and purpose. Our hope is to create activities that allow you and your family to reconnect and rebuilding a sense of unity and purpose while having fun in the process. So grab your family and come away to Selah Ranch to experience a unique pause from the chaos of normal life to grow together and discover more about how each of your unique personalities can hinder growth or lead to more of it. By using experiential methods of team-building, equine fun, and the powerful self-awareness tool of the enneagram, your family will leave with a clear vision of the steps and changes needed to lead to true growth!

The experience includes:

  • A two and a 1/2 hour custom designed family building and self-discovery experience based on your family’s needs and your unique enneagram personalities! (Check out the Enneaapp or the Enneagram Institute for more information.)
  • An equine-based experience or a challenge-based experience of your choice.
  • A blueprint outlining your family’s next steps toward growth!

Cost $ 200 for a 2 and a 1/2 hour family experience

Experiences are available late spring through early fall! Call us at 513-268-7296 or email at so that we can custom design your next experience!

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