Christmas Lights Were Meant to SHINE All Year Long!

Christmas lights shining bright, presents wrapped neatly under the tree, and baby Jesus in manger are just a few of the many reminders of the season. My heart smiles when I hear the  sweet little voices of children singing one of my favorite Christmas songs: “Happy birthday, Jesus. I’m so glad it’s Christmas. All the tinsel and lights and the presents are nice but the real gift is You.”

All this holly jolly spirit got me thinking about what Jesus would say about what Christmas has become.  If He is the “REASON FOR THE SEASON” what would He want us to know? I believe He would say:

I came and made myself vulnerable for you – because you matter to me. I knew it was going to require everything of me. Even my very life, but you were worth it all. I understand why gifts are given this time of year, but an important point has been missed. You give things – I gave from the deepest part of me. I gave you all of my heart. What would Christmas be like if my people actually became vulnerable with each other and gave from their heart instead of their wallet? Many people have forgotten how to love because of modern day conveniences. You give a gift card instead of performing an act of love. How would Christmas be different if you stopped giving things and you gave from the deepest part of you? Christmas should not be just a one time of year holiday – it should be a lifestyle of shining your light everyday to make someone else’s merry and bright! The point of why I came has been lost. It was all for LOVE- being love to make others feel loved.  It was never meant to be about giving things but always about being the gift for another. 

How many times have you given a gift out of convenience, instead of your heart? I am guilty of the same. So many gifts to buy so many presents to wrap. “Oh, this looks good” we say – often failing to think about the heart needs of the one we are giving to.

Convenience means “the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.” Wow, does that not describe what Christmas has become – a routine. Something that requires little effort and thought.

Giving from the heart means something entirely different. It is about being vulnerable – fully open and willing to sacrifice.  Jesus came knowing it would cost him everything, but He came anyway. It is sad to say but with all the media displays of trauma and sorrow and all the pain we’ve personally felt,  we end up largely cut off from our hearts. Its just too risky to love like Jesus loved.

It is easier to give from our wallet than risk from our heart. 

That’s really what it all comes down to – it isn’t convenient to love. It requires much effort to connect and go the extra mile to make someone else feel special, important, and noticed!

We have all felt it – the smile that spread across our face when we see Christmas lights beautifully displayed. Somehow Christmas lights never lose their wonder and always bring a smile to the young and old. No matter your age when in the presence of bright shining lights, we feel warm, joyful, hopeful, and even a little excited about what is to come!

What convinced us to put our lights away and only display them one time of year?

You, yes you reading this right now, were place here in this time, in this space strategically by God to be a light to your world. What impact could we make as CHRIST- followers if we SHINED our light the whole year through? What hearts would warmed? What joy, hope, and excitement could be spread?

Christmas is about so much more that things wrapped under the tree. This is what CHRISTMAS means to me:

Christ’s love spill for you and me

Humility and vulnerability that was willing to meet our deepest need…and our

Responsibility as Christ followers to…

Illuminate our light and

Spread love…by

Thinking of other’s needs above our own…while having

Merry and joyful hearts…so that we

Add value to those around us…because we are willing to

Selflessly love one another!

MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS -May you never look at Christmas the same again and PLEASE, don’t put your light away. Keep them shining all year long!

Be Blessed – Be a LIGHT!


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