Break Up With Your Most Toxic Relationship – FEAR!

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7

I took a HUGE leap this week. I gave my book, Shining Freely, to a publisher! Three long years. The last three years have contained some of the hardest challenges of my life, but have also been the most life changing I have ever know! I was nervous, my heart was pounding as I went to press send.  Fear and excitement were fighting for their place in my mind. But I am proud to say FEAR DIDN’T WIN! I did it. I persevered through all the times I wanted to quit, all the times I questions who am I to do this. At every turn God kept reminding me of my WHY!

I want to see you, me, all of us, SET FREE to shine our light without restraint for Christ! I want nothing to hold us back!

Fear always surfaces before you are about to do something beyond you! But in order to be free to walk out the plans God has for us , we have to break-up with our fear. It is our most toxic relationship.  Fear stops us from believing that God can do great things through us. It stops us from connecting, dreaming, and being all we were created to be!

It is time to break up with your fear so that God can propelled you forward into the life he wants to give you! Pause for a moment and reflect on how you have partnered with your fear. What ways are you trusting your fear more than God? Take those things you identified to God in prayer – asking his forgiveness for trusting your fear more than him. Then write your break-up letter. Be bold and fight back! Break up with the words you speak that create fear. Break up with the actions you do that align you with your fear and clearly identify the lies your fear has convince you of.

Be real with yourself and God about the ways your fear has controlled you. You need to make a commitment to yourself to say and do the things that lead to healing and make the dreams God has for you possible!

Be sure to end your letter with a clear focus by crafting a phrase or using a quote or a Bible verse that encourages you to keep pressing on towards the prize that God has for you. This will help to reset your thinking in the right direction every time your fear resurfaces. Make a new promise to yourself and align your heart with the truth in God’s Word.

Why wait, don’t let fear gain any more ground in your life. Take a few moments to fill in the blanks of your Dear Fear letter now!

Dear Fear,

You have robbed me of the life I want to live for way too long. I have allowed you to tell me I am ____________________________________________________________________________. (E.g. worthless, unloveable, hopeless, abandoned, inadequate, a fake). You’ve convinced me_______________________________________________________________________.(Write what your fear makes you believe about people, God, or your future).

I promised myself ___________________________________________________________ (Write what you vowed to do because of this fear: “I will never…) and I protected myself by ________________________________________________________________________________.

(Write protective strategies here: isolate, people please, control others).

But now, I say, “No more!” Lord, I break up with my fear today! I sever the power that the fear of ________________________________________________________ (E.g. rejection, disapproval, being a disappointment) has had over my life.

Forgive me for the promises I made to myself and the ways I have protected myself that have kept me from being able to open my heart to believe in your desire to use me in great and mighty ways. I believe that what I confess to you, you break its hold over me and give me the power to overcome! Lord, I will no longer let fear guide my steps. I hand all control over to you. May your truth be my rudder. Lord, replace my fear with your peace and open my heart to love again.

Lord, today I partner with your plan for my life and embrace your truth in my heart. Every time fear creeps in, I will hold on to your promise and speak back to my fear by saying: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  (Write a truth in God’s Word you need to begin to believe here).

This is goodbye Fear,

Be bold and take back the dreams God is fashioning in your heart! Renew your mind daily in the truth that: God’s mighty power is within you to accomplish infinitely more than you  can ever ask, dream, think, or image! (Ephesians 3:20).

Be blessed ~ Be a Light


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