10 Things Warriors Do Differently Than Worriers!

Be a Warrior not a WorrierBE A WARRIOR NOT A WORRIER

I am a natural – Worrier that is! But I am learning to become a Warrior. Some days are easier than others. Did you know you and I are always in a battle? Maybe not physically – but in our minds. The battle of what to believe is always raging.  Mix Martial Arts World Champion, Michael Chandler, said, “90% of success is between the ears.” He has learned that the first battle he has to fight before he ever steps into the ring with someone else, is the battle within himself. He said, “Every time I go into battle I focus on talking to myself. If I sit and listen to myself I’m going to hear negativity, doubt, and fear. But if I choose what gets dwelt on, I’m in the drivers seat.”

Many of us have been listening for way to looooong. The lies from our past feel like truth so much so that the promises that lay before us in God’s Word are what seem false and unobtainable. It is time to start talking to ourselves. We must choose to dwell on the one and only Truth that will lead to victory in this battle – GOD’S WORD! The enemy is the great deceiver – good at twisting our minds into knots and slipping in fear after fear. One of my go to verses when I need a reset in my mind is:

Philippians 4:8

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

This become my litmus test of the mind. Is this thought true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, and praiseworthy? If not, it is time to bring out my inner Warrior because the Worrier is advancing and taking ground in my heart.

When I bumped into this phrase “Be a warrior not a worrier” on Pinterest, it got me thinking. What would this look like in my own life?  Just what does a Warrior do differently than a Worrier? Here are some of my conclusions:

  1. A Warrior knows She has God’s approval. A Worrier is always trying to earn it.
  2. A Warrior recognizes the necessity of her role in fulfilling the commanders’ orders. A Worrier doubts she has what it takes.
  3. A Warrior allows the battle to chisel her and refine her. A Worrier lets it define her.
  4. A Warrior trust in God’s goodness. A Worriers doubts He will come to the rescue.
  5. A Warrior uses REST strategically – refueling in God’s Presence frequently. A Worrier uses REST as a last resort only when exhaustion hits.
  6. A Warrior knows how to accept orders as is.  A worrier is always trying to water them down to fit her ability.
  7. A Warrior accepts discomfort for the sake of the mission. A Worrier is always looking for a way out.
  8. A Warriors lives for an audience of ONE.  A Worrier lives to please EVERY-one.
  9. A Warrior faces the giants before her and refuses to listen to their taunting voices.  A Worrier retreats at the slightest noise.
  10. A Warrior sees the vision in terms of what “GOD” can do.  A Worrier sees the vision in terms of what “SHE” can do.

These are the frequent battles my inner warrior has to fight.  I would love to hear from you about how your inner Warrior wins out above the noise of Your Worrier! We all have a battle to fight. My prayer for you is your inner Warrior will overtake  your Worrier and you will see clearly just how necessary you are for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Be blessed ~ Be a Light!

Graham Cooke’s book “The Way of a warrior” was my inspiration for this post. He has such a way with words click here to find our more.

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