Remind Me Who I am!

And he chose us to be his very own, joining us to himself even before he laid the foundation of the universe! Because of his great love, he ordained us, so that we would be seen as holy in his eyes with unstained innocence.  Ephesians 1: 4 TPT

This one verse alone in Ephesians contains so much of our identity! It is powerpack with the realization of who we are because of the Cross.  Make no mistake, the Bible is clear. You have been chosen. You have been ordained. You are Holy in his eyes. Covered only by unstained innocence because of his great love for you!

At a bible study this week I was so moved by reading through Ephesians. It truly is one of my favorite books of the Bible. If you are ever questioning who God is, who you are, and what he has planned for your life, then take some time to sit right here in Ephesians. The Word that flowed from Paul’s heart will make it ever so clear.

Ephesians tells us that “before we were even born” before you existed, God thought about you and gave you a destiny. And the beautiful thing is this destiny came straight from his heart (Eph 1:11). His plan for you was beating in his heart before yours ever began. Stop and let that soak in for a moment.

We have to begin to let the truth of his Word and how he sees us soak into our hearts or else we run the risk of never discovering the destiny beating in his heart for us!

I challenge you, as I too was challenged this week, to read Ephesians and begin to let God’s Word shape your identity. Let your divine purpose pop off the page at you. Write down every word that makes your heart leap and begin to speak it over your life until you begin to see yourself as God sees you!

I’ll leave you with a few of the words that jumped off the page at me. I turned them into a prayer of thankfulness, declaring his truth over my life.

Thank you, Lord, that you have claimed me as your own. I’ve been chosen for a divine destiny you wrote before my feet ever touched the ground. Thank you that you are the source of everything I need to fulfill this call on my life and that you unveil mysteries before me that make me always live in awe of you!

Lord, I thank you for the passion you’ve given me for your Word and the desire to enlighten every heart I meet with the divine mystery of who you are and how you see us. Lord, thank you for trusting me with the awesome responsibility of being an advertisement of your great and mighty power on this earth. 

Thank you that I have become your poetry, eloquently written by your hand. I can’t wait to fulfill with you all you have planned. 

Thank you that what your light exposes it corrects so that darkness has no choice but to flee my heart! Thank you, Lord, that you placed a divine plan for me in my heart straight from yours! Thank you that I can find my resting place in your unfailing love and it will ground me–making me unwavering and stable as I pursue your plans for me. 

And may I never doubt these plans you have so creatively and thoughtfully designed for me. Your mighty power is most assuredly at work in me and as I partner with your presence I will accomplish more than I could ever dream, think or imagine!

Lord, help me to imitate you and to be supernaturally infused with strength because I chose every day to clothe myself with your armor. I am protected, I am free. I will rise victorious in any battle because you have given me every tool and weapon to succeed! 


Now it’s your turn. I can’t wait to hear how God spoke to your heart through this beautiful letter to the Ephesians Paul wrote so long ago.

Be Bold~ Be a Light!




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